Meet Our Manufacturers

Whip Six Enterprises, Inc is a socially conscientious corporation that believes in the dignity of the common working man and woman, and to that end will forgo "obscene" profit margins in order to stay consistent and true to that core philosophy. Unabashed greed and profiteering on the part of multi-national corporations, through the medium of Asian-outsourced manufacturing and image branding, has run amok in today's global free-market economy -- so much so the average Western consumer has grown desensitized by the means through which their purchases were produced. Most famous brand name active-wear companies use Asian manufacturers who do not adhere to the principles of a living wage or clean, healthy work environments -- and many employ very young teenage girls in horrific sweatshop conditions. Human Rights proponents throughout the world have consistently censured several well-known Western multi-national conglomerates for enabling these abominable work conditions to exist. One of these financially admired yet ethically-challenged sportswear multi-nationals, posted a $9.7 Billion (USD) gross operating profit for 2011. Whip Six Enterprises, as a corporation, will focus primarily on the production and distribution of high quality performance athletic apparel -- in opposition to the modern marketing methodology of "image branding" -- with the international consumer.

We are very pleased at Whip Six to offer only merchandise created by manufacturers who utilize fair-labor practices and strict quality control measures, while producing their goods using motivated Western workers in environmentally sound manufacturing plants.

Whip Six is a Proud Purveyor of Quality American and European Resourced Goods. The following is a list of our fine vendors - all Certified Whip Six Manufacturers:



Whip Six Voler LogoVoler -- Located in Central California, Voler produces excellent quality road cycling wear at competitive price points for both men and women with some triathlon wear as well. Manufactures both summer and winter lines in addition to custom clothing at their plant in Grover Beach, California.Whip Six USA Flag


whip six moxie Moxie Cycling Company -- Located in Minnesota, the company was founded with "100% Sass & Determination" by serious road cyclists Brooke Freiborg and Debra Amorde. Moxie is a relative newcomer to the cycling apparel business, concentrating on specific women's pieces. Their artisic, beautifully designed tops are produced with the finest moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and luxurious fabrics available keeping a female athlete's unique anatomy in mind. Made in St. Paul, Minnesota. Whip Six USA Flag


whip six terry Terry Bicycles -- Located in Vermont, Terry Bicycles was formed by Georgena Terry, a mechanical engineer, in 1985  -- and was the first women's specific bicycle company in the world. Terry sells not only bicycle frames and saddles, but clothing and other accessories with the riding enjoyment of female cyclists it's primary consideration. Made in Burlington, Vermont. Whip Six USA Flag


whip six trashy catTrashy Cat -- Located in Arizona, Trashy Cat was formed by Jane Weissner, designer and avid road cyclist -- in the 1990's. Jane's company produces beautiful women's cycling wear with limited but uniquely flattering designs. Trashy Cat's Black Satin Shorts won the "Best Women's Shorts for under $100" review two times by Bicycling Magazine. Primarily manufactured in Italy, with some tailoring done in San Francisco using luxurious Italian fabrics -- their headquarters and warehouse is in Phoenix, Arizona. Whip Six USA Flag


whip six capo Capo -- An American company located in California, produces excellent high end cycling clothing and accessories for both men and women. Designed and developed in the US with all apparel manufacturing taking place strictly in Italy. Headquartered in Emeryville, California. Whip Six USA Flag


whip six assos Assos -- Located in Switzerland, Assos is considered the premier producer of of high tech cycling wear for men and women in the world. Their extensive research and development takes place in Switzerland with manufacturing done in Bulgaria. Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland. whip six switzerland flag


whip six naliniNalini -- Located in Italy, Nalini is a quality manufacturer of high end cycling wear and accessories for both men and women. Nalini also produces outstanding custom kits for many of the pro pelotons in Europe and other special clients. Known also as MOA Sport, all manufacturing is done in their factory at Castel d'Ario, Italy. Italy_flag-XXL-anim.gif


whip six santiniSantini -- Also known as SMS, Santini Maglificio Sportivo, and located in Italy - Santini under the capable guidance of CEO Monica Ginerva Santini, is another superior quality manufacturer of cycling apparel for men and women. Not quite as well known in North America as Nalini but definitely of the same stature in Europe, all clothing and accessories are made in their plant at Bergamo, Italy. Italy_flag-XXL-anim.gif


suarez whip sixSuarez -- Located in Colombia, Suarez makes standard collection or custom cycling and triathlon clothing for both men and women. They produce outstanding, well tailored summer and winter cycling gear at very competitive price points, and is Whip Six's primary vendor for custom cycling and triathlon kits as well as fitness swimwear. All production takes place in Medellin, Colombia. whip six colombia


whip six aero tech Aero Tech Designs -- Located in Pennsylvania, Aero Tech Designs makes cycling, triathlon, and fitness clothing for both men and women. As Whip Six's primary supplier of high quality yet competitively priced active-wear, ATD has no equal as far as excellence in similarly priced Asian-produced performance gear. Headed by president Cathy Schnaubelt Rogers, a former USCF licensed road racer, the company started operations over thirty years ago. All manufacturing takes place at their factory in Coraopolis, Pennsyvania - a suberb of Pittsburg. Whip Six USA Flag



whip six desoto De Soto Sports -- Located in California, De Soto makes high quality triathlon gear for both men and women. De Soto is very competitively priced versus their Asian-produced competitors, and has the capability to make custom kits for special clients. All apparel manufacturing is done in San Diego, California. Whip Six USA Flag


whip six kiwami Kiwami -- Located in France, Kiwami is a very high-end manufacturer of superior triathlon clothing for both men and women. Founded in 2003 by Helene Salomon of France and Craig Watson of New Zealand, the company makes what is easily the most popular suits on the ITU circuit. Known for their high tech research and development, Kiwami produces the most hydrodynamic and light apparel in the triathlon industry today. With production taking place either in France or Spain, the company is headquartered in Serres Castet, France. whip six france


Suarez -- (see previous)


Voler -- (see previous)


Aero Tech Designs -- (see previous)



whip six race ready RaceReady -- Located in Southern California, RaceReady mainly caters to running enthusiasts and produces sturdy but lightweight clothing and accessories for men and women who enjoy that sport. RaceReady makes exceptionally light yet technically advanced endurance wear, but their claim to fame is being the last - and sole - manufacturer of poly-fiber Coolmax performance headwear in the United States today. All production takes place in Torrance, California - a suburb of Los Angeles. Whip Six USA Flag


Performance Expert T LogoExpert Performance T - Located in Southern California, Expert makes highly technical performance apparel for both men and women athletes, using only the finest in "smart fabric technology." The vast majority of their high tech tops are made in their contractors' plants in the Los Angeles area. Headquartered in Vernon, California. us-animated flag


Suarez -- (see previous)


Aero Tech Designs -- (see previous)



Beleza Brazil Beleza Brazil -- Located in Nevada, Beleza Brazil - founded by president and chief designer Ana Tigre, is a smaller designer-manufacturer of quality fitness wear for women. Extremely well made pieces using only superb Brazilian Supplex, Beleza Brazil produces their clothing in either Los Angeles, California or Las Vegas, Nevada. Whip Six USA Flag


reseRese -- Located in California, Rese produces exceptional women's fitness garments at competitive retail price points. All production takes place in Los Angeles, California. Whip Six USA Flag


nux Nux -- Located in California, Nux is another Southern California producer of quality women's fitness gear at very affordable retail price points versus their Asian competitors. All manufacturing is done in Los Angeles, California. Whip Six USA Flag


spanxSpanx -- Located in Georgia, was founded in 2000 by entrepreneurial superstar Sara Blakely, and flourishes today under the guidance of CEO Laurie Ann Goldman. While primarily known for their compressive, firming undergarments for both men and women - Spanx recently came out with a compressive fitness line for ladies. This high quality shapewear clothing is produced in Costa Rica, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Whip Six USA Flag


American_Apparel_eps.pngAmerican Apparel -- Located in California, American apparel is a manufacturer of a variety of competitively priced casual and sports clothing with national retail stores in most major US cities. American Apparel offers wholesale pricing of active apparel to specialized retailers. All production is done in Los Angeles, California. Whip Six USA Flag


Gahuer_Fitness1.jpgGahuer Fitness -- Located in Colombia, Gahuer - whose president and chief designer is Claudia Gallego - is a manufacturer of more colorful and flamboyant fitness wear for women. Gahuer offers an extremely well-tailored and flattering line, using only South American Supplex. All manufacturing takes place in Medellin, Colombia. whip six colombia

otomix-logo.jpgOtomix -- Located in Southern California, Otomix locally manufactures affordable yet quality fitness apparel and martial arts gear for men and women. In operation from since 1988, all apparel production takes place at their headquarters in Inglewood, California. Whip Six USA Flag


Expert Performance T -- (see previous)


Fitness and Competition Swimwear 

Suarez -- (see previous)


Competition Show Suits

Andrea_Cunha.jpgAndrea Cunha -- located in Brazil, president and chief designer Andrea Cunha, makes beautiful, highly artistic custom competition posing suits for Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Physique, and Bodybuilder competitors. Andrea has some of the most famous international stars in the female bodybuilding world as her clients. Manufactured in Sao Paolo, Brazil. whip six brazil



diNeila_Brazil.JPGdiNeila Brazil -- Located in New York, diNeila is considered one of the finest women's designer swimsuit manufacturers in the world. With president and chief designer Neila Granzoti Rudden at the helm, diNeila was featured in the 2011 edition of the Sports illustrated Swimsuit Shoot. Manufacturing takes place in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Headquartered in New York, New York. Whip Six USA Flag


dangerous_curves.JPG Dangerous Curves Swimwear - Located in California, Dangerous Curves produces what is commonly referred to as "The Hottest Bikinis on the Planet!" Ranging from ultra skimpy micro bikinis and eye catching thong bikinis, to the more trendy and fashionable Brazilian style beachwear suitable for any occasion. 100% made in Lodi, California. Whip Six USA Flag



vittoria_cycling.jpgVittoria Cycling Shoes -- Located in Italy, Vittoria is the world's premier manufacturer of cycling and triathlon shoes. Vittoria was the original designer of many innovations in cycling footwear including the first mountain bike shoe, triathlon shoe, and ratchet adjustable (CRS Fastening System) cycling shoe. All shoes are handmade in their plant at Biella, Italy. whip six Italy flag


New-Balance-Logo.jpgNew Balance Shoes -- Located in Massachusetts, New Balance is the last and sole manufacturer of quality performance athletic shoes left in the United States as all others have outsourced entirely to Asia. This venerable old company has several high tech machined plants in the Northeast United States for the production of their US models, which constitutes 25% of their total footwear product lines. Whip Six will only offer models crafted in New England. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Whip Six USA Flag


taygra-logo.pngTaygra -- Located in Brazil, Taygra is the manufacturer of ecologically sound, lightweight fitness footwear. They produce their shoes primarily by hand, and use only non-animal and recyclable materials. Production takes place in Manaus, Brazil, with corporate headquarters in Paris, France. whip six france



kask-brand-logo.jpg KASK -- Located in Italy, KASK is the premier manufacturer of cycling helmets in the world due to their state of the art research and structural integrity. They are slightly more expensive than their Asian high-end counterparts, but really have no peers in the industry. Made and headquartered in Chiuduno, Italy. whip six Italy flag

Las-Logo.jpgLAS -- Located in Italy, LAS is another outstanding producer of quality cycling helmets. At slighty better retail price points than fellow Italian supplier KASK, LAS again is vastly superior to their Asian produced counterparts in structural integrity and workmanship excellence. KASK and LAS are the only two remaining cycling helmet producers in the Western World. All manufacturing is done at their plant and corporate offices in Pedrengo, Italy. whip six Italy flag



Snugg-logo.jpgSnugg -- Located in England, Snugg is the only producer of "triathlon" wetsuits remaining in the Western World, as all manufacturing has been outsourced to Asia. Slightly more expensive than their cheaper Asian competitors, Snugg custom produces all their wetsuits at their headquarters in Cornwall, England. United_Kingdom_flag-XL-anim.gif



RaceReady -- (see previous)



sockguy_logo.gifSock Guy -- Located in Southern California, Sock Guy produces excellent quality poly-fiber technical cycling and running socks in multiple designs and colors. Custom production is possible with the client's own artwork, and price points are very competitive. All production is done in either Birmingham, Alabama, or their headquarters in San Diego, California. Whip Six USA Flag



reflect_sports-logo.gif Reflect Sports -- Located in Southern California, Reflect is a women's specific producer of anti-chafe cream for endurance athletes, and hair care products for swimmers. Founded by avid cyclists-swimmers, Jena Schuster and Laurie Mellot - Reflect has done extensive research in the the field of women's physiological needs, and is the only manufacturer of Paraben-free products exclusively made for female athletes. (Parabens, a chemical preservative widely used in cosmetic products, have been thought to be linked to breast cancer in women). Made in Ladera Ranch, California. Whip Six USA Flag



Jr Watkins logo.jpgJ.R. Watkins -- Located in Minnesota, J.R. Watkins has been America's pioneer in natural living since 1868. The company produces high quality beauty products that are free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates and dyes from environmentally friendly renewable sources. All production takes place at their headquarters in Winona, Minnesota. us-animated.gif



BonkBreakerLogo.pngBonk Breaker -- Located in Southern California, Bonk Breaker was created by endurance athletes desiring the freshest, best tasting, and healthiest energy bars available anywhere. Produced with all natural ingredients, Bonk Breaker is considered the gold standard for all sports nutrition bars. Made at their headquarters in Santa Monica, California. us-animated.gif


Logo_LunaBar.gifLuna Bar -- Located in Northern California, Luna is a division of Clif Bar, the world's best known nutritional sports energy and protein bars. Created in 1999 with the idea of producing a womens-specific product with ingredients that favor female physiology and are all natural, Luna Bar is extremely popular with lady performance athletes. Produced at their headquarters in Emeryville, California. us-animated.gif



RudyProjectMaster-A.jpgRudy Project -- Located in Italy, Rudy Project sunglasses - along with US-made Oakley - are considered the finest in the world of endurance sports eyewear. All manufacturing takes place in their headquarters in Treviso, Italy. whip six Italy flag



teosport_logo_4644.gifTeosport -- Located in Italy, Teosport is one of the last manufacturers left in the Western World that still designs and produces cycling accessories at home. All research, design, and production takes place in Montebelluna, Italy. whip six Italy flag

Suarez -- (see previous)



AquaSphereLogo.jpgAqua Sphere -- Located in Italy, Aqua Sphere does extensive research on all their swimming products, most notably their goggles which are considered the best in the world. These swim products are made in their headquarters at Genova, Italy. whip six Italy flag



craft-logo.jpgCraft -- Located in Sweden, Craft is known worldwide for their quality under-layers for endurance sports, especially cool weather activities. Made primarily in Lithuania, with the headquarters in Boras, Sweden. whip six sweden flag



canyon multi sports products Canyon Multi-Sports Products -- Located in Southern California, 2Canyon produces race belts, timing straps, and lace locks for triathletes. Customization for retail stores and teams is available. Produced in Escondido, California. Whip Six USA Flag



Selle SMPSelle SMP -- Located in Italy, Selle SMP is a highly technical road and indoor cycling saddle manufacturer for Whip Six who has produced the world's finest anatomical saddle. Their research and development is far advanced compared to their competition, and have a good cross section of various designs based on the type riding done. Manufactured and headquartered in Casalserugo, Italy. whip six Italy flag


Selle Italia Selle Italia -- Located in Italy, Selle Italia produces the the most popular road saddles used by professional cyclists the world over. Manufactured and headquartered in Casella d'Asolo, Italy. whip six Italy flag



SoBe_0_Lifewater1.jpgSoBe 0 Lifewater -- Located in New York, SoBe is a premium producer of enhanced energy waters to include the vitamin enriched O Calorie "lifewaters." All natural ingredients without artificial sweeteners, SoBe O is produced by South Beach Beverage Company in Purchase, New York. us-animated.gif


acqua-panna.jpgAcqua Panna -- Located in Italy, Acqua Panna is considered one of the premier natural spring waters in the world today. Unique for it's clean, crisp taste -- the waters are bottled from their Tuscan source in Panna Spring, Scaperia, Italy. Italy_flag-XXL-anim.gif



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