About Our Company

Whip Six is a women's performance activewear company, both walk-in retail and online, that caters to the apparel needs of female cyclists, triathletes, runners, and fitness athletes. Here, at Whip Six, we offer incredible clothing and accessories at a competitive price in a wide variety of brands, colors, and styles. Quality control is of the utmost priority to us, ensuring well tailored outfits, superior accessory gear, and sturdy shoes that will last our female athletes many years to come. All of our apparel is produced within the very highest manufacturing standards available and every garment as well as accessory is made in the Americas or Europe. Whip Six Enterprises, Inc, dba Whip Six, is a socially conscientious corporation that uses only certified manufacturers who adhere to the principles of decent working conditions and providing a livable wage for their employees. Our hope at Whip Six Enterprises is to be at the vanguard of the current trend to restore lost Western apparel manufacturing opportunities, and help reverse the ravages outsourcing production to Asian suppliers has caused the average Western working man and woman.

Mean Gene's Bazaar, the Whip Six Online "alternative store" - was created with today's worrisome world economy in mind to provide our more price conscious and "hard core, deal demanding" customers with even more "recession-busting" choices than what is typically offered in our exclusive Western-centric Whip Six Retail Boutique. The miscellaneous pieces available via the online outlet operation, or Souk - come from literally anywhere in the world - including Western Asia, the Middle East, and Orient - however none of their suppliers are certified Whip Six manufacturers. All of the merchandise in the Bazaar is purchased solely from other domestic US retailers generally as closeouts, overstocks, or at deeply discounted sale prices, and are normally sold as one random piece and unavailable for future purchases. These various discounted world-wide products, some of excellent quality as pre Asian-outsourced North American or Italian-made "collection garments" - can be had at incredibly competitive price points, where "bargainistas can enjoy spirited haggling" - encouraged by and with Mean Gene himself.

Our name, Whip Six, comes from fighter pilot terminology. Pilots refer to their relative position in the air in relation to numbers on a clock. For example, 12 o’clock means straight ahead, 3 o’clock indicates the right side, 9 o’clock the left side, and 6 o’clock refers to one's rear. When combat pilots engage they are always looking for the edge to defeat their competition. It is not uncommon to hear fighter pilots banter amongst themselves when they get into the fight, perhaps sometimes encouraging their buddies to “whip his six!” — meaning beat the enemy’s rear with extreme prejudice. Whether the competition is deadly combat in the skies at Mach1, or "attacking" a cycling foe unmercifully – one should Whip Six with speed, strength and stamina.

Dedicated to women worldwide, Whip Six will work solely on the technical advancement and glorification of the female athlete - as it is now her time - enabling any woman to achieve her dreams of fitness, health, and the preservation of youth.

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